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Retirement Taker ™

Time and money will feature profoundly in your life and there will come a time when you’ll want to stop working for your money.

And at this time, you’ll need to compensate for your change in lifestyle by drawing a lifetime of income from the savings you have.

The value of your savings will be key, both at retirement and in the future, in determining the amount of income you can generate.

But given that you may not save much more, it’s essential that you build in a high degree of security for greater peace of mind.

Retirement Maker from Equilius is for private clients who wish to optimise their income potential in a tax-efficient and cost-effective way.

It aggregates maximum income from all your financial arrangements, including your pension, whilst evaluating the associated pros and cons.

The result is a plan to provide you with a consistent and sustainable income that’ll help you realise your retirement ambitions, like travelling the world or nurturing important relationships.

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