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Estate Preserver ™

It’s taken a lot of time and a bit of luck to build your estate, and now, you’re thinking of the next generation and perhaps the one after that.

Naturally, you’ll want them to have it all but at the right time and without the diluting impact of tax. You don’t ever want to ask for any of it back.

This can be difficult as the law encourages you to give it to them now, in a prescribed way, with absolutely no strings attached.

And when earmarking it for them, you’d like your wishes to remain clear both during your lifetime and after you’re gone.

Estate Preserver from Equilius is for private clients who wish to maximise their inheritance tax planning opportunities in a cost-effective way.

It considers the use of specialist trusts, which can be written to provide you with generous and flexible access to monies invested.

The result is a plan to keep your estate within your family line, thus avoiding claims from any unintended others, like estranged spouses of your chosen beneficiaries or the tax man.

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